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custom home constructionAll of us at one time or another have wanted the “Perfect Home”. Have you even said the phrase, “when I build my dream home, I am going to make sure it has…”. This can all happen with the right builder on your team. When looking for a builder to help make your dream home a reality there are a few things to look for.

First it is important to find someone who you can relate to on a professional basis. Make sure that your builder is one who can convey his ideas in a simple concise manner. Next find someone who comes highly recommended from those who have already built with him. Ask if he stayed within budget and worked in the time frame decided upon.

It is also very important to make sure that he has a good relationship with his sub-contractors and that they would work with him again. Lastly make sure that he and you can talk and share ideas comfortably. It is very important that you feel you can build a good relationship because you will be spending
many hours working together making your dream a reality.

When working with the Jerry Stubbs Construction family all of these needs and desires will come together to provide a great outcome. 

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